Thursday, January 12, 2017

Narcotics Anonymous websites attacked causing user relapses

Drug addiction is a modern problem facing all Americans, but last night it became clear that a new wave of drug propaganda maybe looming on the televised horizon. Revolution, evolution or prostitution. Each must decide for themselves after reading this article.

Hacktivists for hire by big pharmaceutical drug companies are claiming responsibility for DDoS attacks on Narcotics Anonymous websites. This is allegedly the first of many attacks being used by underground pharmaceutical business CEOs and lobbyists for experimental drug developers, each seeking to expand their existing marketing strategies in 2017.

No specific big name companies have claimed responsibility for these attacks on official N.A. webpages following President Obama at the end of his farewell address to America. The impact is still being assessed since the end of all live TV broadcasts from the White House last night, but denial of service cannons bombed all websites affiliated with N.A. / Alateen were hit hard, as were any websites related to teenage drug abuse under the umbrella of Narcotics Anonymous.

Recovery programs in America were most directly impacted, but it still is unknown how many potential users maybe set to relapse because of the white hat transmissions that defaced Narcotics Anonymous websites over American servers. No official response has been given by N.A. world service organizations and such is not expected in the spirit of anonymity, although it is unsettling to see some backlinks to N.A. web pages still broadcasting episodes of 'Breaking Bad' on infinite VLC player forced downloading zip files filled with virtual pornography and free registration links to Middle Earth dark websites.

Users were all exploited then spammed without permission, spyware pop-ups for buy one get three free coupons for a subscription rate sampler of bath salt guru recommended top ten drugstore choices of 2016, plus a no money down virtual credit card to load with Bitcoin for future anonymous transactions.

Anonymous N.A. members have commented only briefly on these incidents throughout America.

Gina in Phoenix, AZ said,"Hacktivism isn't about pushing big pharmaceutical companies, making money for hire, or even supposed to support major greed driven industries. Like it or not, these were white hat hackers, hired by Phizer or Mayo Clinic investors to snoop around without anyone saying 'Boo' to the ghosts in the machine."

Billy W. in Sedona, AZ says it is his turn. He coughs, then begins saying, "Almost all recovery programs sponsor long term drug users, more than anyone else in the United States today. Industry wide, America had an endless supply of addictive personalities, blond ambitioned junkies, and dogs without leashes. All taking up the sword of king pin, connection, or ultimately drugstore cowboy. Selling drugs is a habit in itself, selling paraphernalia is a necessary evil. Sooner or later, it only matters, what your mind can handle knowing about yourself."

Only program chatter boxes can be counter pointed by expert druggies, such as an unofficial voice mail from Crystal Method fan, and hacktivist defense league coordinator Boyd Snapplesaw.

His take on the hacked N.A. websites is less activist oriented, but more prozac inspired, "You see its about supply and demand. Americans love drugs, more than their parents generation did. Anti-drug campaigns are putting sobriety back on the map today, but America is far from kicking it to stay high the live long day.  Ultrasound technology maybe changing the face of modern medicine, but anyone can see that drugs will be playing their role, long after the music is soft, slow, so gentle, and so ends all those who seek to trip like I do..."

Just for today. Narcotics Anonymous membership is advised to stick with good old fashioned page turning methods of sobriety inspired cross talk. No user Kindle Fire or WiFi connection eBooks for meetings until after President Trump is official and everyone online is able to breath again. Let it be virtual sex, smart drugs, and electronic rock music, until the levee breaks.

Narcotics Anonymous is not responsible for the content of this article.

This is fake news.
Reality made to order.


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