PlayStation 4 Versus Xbox One Some Facts For Last Minute Holiday Game Console Buyers

There are a lot of articles arguing comparisons between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Most of these articles wouldn't be so bad, if not for the fact that they give consumers absolutely false information. The fact is that most player favor one console or another based on their gaming style. It's kind of like being a straight foot or a gooney foot, as a skateboarder. 

Now that both consoles have been released for over a month, the real battle begins. A major selling point for all new game consoles this season is affordability for gamers, their friends and family members who are buying holiday seasonal gifts this year. 

Some articles argue that it is hard to decide between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, because they are almost evenly matched. Although as the holiday season comes to a close and shopping night draw to an end, it is time to decide which game console to purchase. Not based on all the gaming rhetoric online, but based on the simple fact of how affordable each one is in reality. 

Here are the facts about the affordability and costs of the individual consoles, pitting Xbox One versus PlayStation 4. 

Fact : PlayStation 4 costs the same price new as Xbox One. 

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the same price to purchase new. A PS4 console can be purchased for $299 with a free game included, this is the same as the Xbox One console.

Fact : PlayStation Plus subscription costs less than Xbox Live Gold. 

PlayStation Plus costs just $50 a year and offers many more free games than Xbox Live Gold does. Xbox Live Gold costs users $60 a year.

Fact : PlayStation 4 controllers cost less, than Xbox One controllers.

A PlayStation 4 controller costs $60. A Xbox One controller costs $60 but doesn't come with rechargeable batteries which requires a separate additional $20 purchase.

Fact : Party chat and free to play games are free on PlayStation 4.

Party chat is free with the PlayStation 4. Party chat is not free with the Xbox One.

Free to play games are free with the PlayStation 4. Free to play games are not free with the Xbox One.

Fact : PlayStation 4 has more games and gaming exclusives overall.

The PlayStation 4 has approximately 842 games currently. The Xbox One has 496 games currently. Both of these statistics are according to Wikipedia and maybe inaccurate and outdated by the time users are reading this article. 

According to an Internet gaming troll that shouted much of this information out, here is some other info on upcoming holiday releases that hardcore gamers might want to know. 

Despite some articles incorrectly reporting it, Halo Wars 2 and Fable Legends are not going to be an Xbox One exclusive because both will also be on PC. Also despite bad reporting, Street Fighter V isn't going to be a PS4 exclusive, because it will also be on PC.

A list of upcoming Xbox One exclusives that can only be played on Xbox One for now includes :

Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
Gears of War 4

And a short list of upcoming PS4 exclusives that can only be played on the PlayStation 4 for now include the following :

Uncharted 4
Ratchet and Clank
Detroit Become Human
Gran Turismo Sport
Horizon Zero Dawn
Shadow of the Beast
Ace Combat 7
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
The Last Guardian 
Gravity Rush 2
The Tomorrow Children
Deep Down
Let it Die
RIGs Mechanized Combat League

Now, all facts aside, here is one last opinion...

PlayStation 4 is a more powerful console than Xbox One. PS4 simply outdoes the Xbox One, in terms of features, frame rates, screen resolution and game performance, plus affordability. Xbox One has come out with seven holiday seasonal deals to entice customers, but they really don't offer anything that makes a big difference. Overall, this writer would recommend gamers of all levels invest in a machine with real video game horsepower, that means the PlayStation 4 is the only choice. 

But as stated at the start of this article, many gaming enthusiasts have developed a style that is more geared towards either Xbox One or PlayStation 4. For those favoring Xbox One, try to get one of the current deals for the console, while they last. Because it is now Yuletide and the time to buy before the holiday shopping season ends is almost over.

Whatever your choice, have a great time with your favorite gaming consoles and may they serve you well into 2016.

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